Our Story

Las Aves means “the birds ” in Spanish. Particularly the duck, this bird was of significant importance during the Aztec era of Mexican history and is depicted in their artwork as a holy symbol for the god of wind. From our hearts, we believe the taco is also a holy object and have set out on a quest to produce traditional and culinary inspired taco creations in addition to providing you an amazing dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

What the Duck? Ducks are frequent visitors to our property as they are among the bountiful species of birds that congregate and play next door in the Pureland Nature Preserve. Duck crossings are a frequent occurrence in the Spring and Summer months, and when sitting on our patio it is likely you see these holy birds enjoying the preserve.

Las Aves is inspired to be a street style taqueria and mercado serving both the familiar Mexican favorites with bold flavors and healthy dietary options. Whether you’re someone who just wants a half dozen asada tacos with no fuss and frills, or a foodie chasing the heated combination of chili peppers and vinegar, we have a taco for you. The addition of the taco market allows you to bring our flavors home in addition to hot sauces, handmade margarita mixers, retail merchandise and other authentic products so you can keep the fiesta going.